Vocabulary for academic writing task 2

From a personal point of view, zoos are interesting, educational and fun. On the one hand, many employers have stopped telling their staff how to dress, and I see this as a positive trend. By reusing and recycling, we can help to reduce waste. Differ, fluctuate, diverge, show a discrepancy, change, alter, contrast.

While there are some benefits to getting a job straight after school, I would argue that it is better to go to college or university. Give an example from your own life - what will make you happier than you are now. Deny, refute, reject, repudiate, renounce, abjure, contradict, disapprove, oppose.

Topic sentence to introduce the idea of gun control risk of accidents, danger to children more violent crimes, criminals will use guns, police will need guns higher suicide rates guns create violent societies Here's my paragraph using the ideas above. I introduce the topic, then give a simple answer including my opinion if the question asks for it.

What can governments do to address these problems. There are several benefits to building more nuclear power stations. All in all, gun control advocates believe that guns create violent societies with high murder rates. When they finish school, teenagers face the dilemma of whether to get a job or continue their education.

The following essay question has three parts, so I've written three main body paragraphs 5 paragraphs in total. So, describe the movement of the line s of the graph giving numerical detail at the important points of the line.


Sometimes, when there is more than 1 graph, there is a relationship between the two and you can bring in some comparison but more than this is not necessary.

However, while computers are extremely useful, I do not agree with the idea that they could soon replace teachers completely. There is a useful chapter about 'government and society' in my ebook.

Given that, as, since, for the reason that.


Vocabulary for expressing Disagreement: Here is the essay structure they are using, plus some ideas that we had for each paragraph: I've underlined the band 7 or higher vocabulary.

Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. Academic Writing Vocabulary The Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 requires you to use several vocabularies to present the data given in a pie/ bar/ line/ mixed graphs or.

In IELTS Academic Writing, the vocabulary for Writing Task 1 is related to summarizing factual information. The task requires you to describe the contents of a detailed informational graph or chart. This means you need to write a factual, source-based essay. All you need to know about IELTS Vocabulary including, common Task 2 topics and how to improve your vocabulary.

Skip to primary navigation; The worst way to learn new words is to either learn long lists of academic words or to simply read the dictionary.

Why? Writing Task 1. Writing Task 2. You are here: Home / Free IELTS Lessons – Preparation Course Tutorials / Free IELTS Lessons – Academic Test / FREE IELTS LESSON – THE ACADEMIC WRITING TEST – TASK 2.

IELTS Writing Task 1

Hi Ms. Liz, First of all thanks for sharing your knowledge to everyone, this is such a great help to all of us (IELTS takers). In academic writing task 1, in your first paragraph after you paraphrase the information(line graph, table, diagram, etc), I have noticed in your model answers, it is always followed with ‘.

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Vocabulary for academic writing task 2
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Free IELTS Academic Writing Test – Task 2