Summer reading project part 1

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EBTN will be providing The Hunger Games Study Questions:.

The Hunger Games: Study Guide Questions, Chapters 1-27

Last year about this time one of the urchins was concerned that she might be bored over the summer. So I made her a list of possible things to do when she was tempted to use the B-word.

Best summer booksas picked by writers – part one Illustration: Jennifer Tapias Derch. Summer Journal Ideas Create a summer writing journal, decorate it anyway you’d like.

Then respond to these prompts: Writing Prompt 1: Summer Photo Inspiration: When do you feel the arrival of summer has come? When school lets out? In mid-June? On the first day Summer Writing Ideas. The TCRWP provides a wide range of professional development services, from in-school staff development devoted to implementation of reading and writing workshops and content area literacy instruction to day-long workshops, week-long institutes, and year-long study groups.

The Summer Reading Challenge website helps you keep track of your reading all year round: find new books to read, take part in competitions and play games.

Find a book to read Play our games Find out which books your favourite celebrities recommend. 6th GRADE GT SUMMER READING ASSIGNMENT Wonder Part Two-Via, Part Three-Summer, Part Four-Jack, Part Five-Justin, Part Six-August, Part Seven-Miranda, Part Eight-August).

The entries should be written after the readings for each section Wonder 6th Grade Summer

Summer reading project part 1
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