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Arabic Education for Our Children

Choose the Arabic Diploma and enjoy one of the most rewarding learning experiences for language students". From incredibly motivating and inspiring teachers who go far beyond what can ever be expected of them, to a course curriculum that could not have been better structured - the foundations of excellence are very well laid.

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It covers all the key skills and grammar required to live and work in the Middle East. EC is committed to supporting students who are dedicated to our programmes but, for genuine extenuating circumstances, cannot afford to pay the full cost.

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Urdu alphabet

Your teachers are more than just teachers; they are community leaders in their own right and are pivotal to their communities. Some are mentioned below: They may send an SMS message just once a month to avoid suspicions, or they may uninstall themselves after punching a serious hole in your budget.

Blend together with a year of solid personal effort and there you have it - success.

Award Winning online language courses

speak and write in internationally acceptable English respond, in speech or writing, to a variety of written, spoken and visual texts speak, read aloud and write to suit purpose, audience and context.

• Read, write and identify information provided in simple Arabic texts. • Ask and answer questions about yourself, family and study and work life.

• Listen to and identify information provided in audio files. Arabic Alphabet Workshop. Ever felt difficult to read and write Arabic alphabets? This introductory workshop will give you an introduction to Arabic alphabets system and how to read and write them.

Basic Vocabulary and Short Sentences in Arabic for Kids 1a. Posted on May 9, by Rahmah Muslim Homeschool I use the Madinah Arabic Reader Book to teach my children some basic vocabulary and how to write short sentences in Arabic.

Ask your child to read the sentence in Arabic as your child traces it. programme definition: 1. a broadcast on television or radio: 2. a thin book or piece of paper giving information about a play or musical or sports event, usually bought at the theatre or place where the event happens: 3.

a plan of activities to be done or things to be achieved. Learn more. Learning to Read Arabic: tapes/CDs, software programmes and on the web - End of unit tests (written answers at the end of the booklet, oral answers on the the Arabic letters and how to.

Classical Arabic, M.A. Read write arabic programmes
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